A level art: student support materials for 2018

A level Art support materials

Want to kick the exam off with high expectations? Need your students to organise themselves and take responsibility for ensuring their work meets exam criteria? I’ve produced a couple of resources which might just help in achieving that lofty aim…

An interactive mind-map for the Edexcel theme Freedom and/or Limitations which features over 50 relevant artist links. Click the image for more details and the download link:

The exam booklet is a four-page printable which covers expectations, week-by-week planning, the four assessment objective ideas, and evaluation. Click on the image below to purchase from my TES shop:

The infographic is designed to be used as a bookmark and the two pages can be printed back to back. This gives detailed info on how to make sure you are nailing the assessment objectives, and provides hints and tips on effective annotation. Also downloadable from my TES shop – just click on the image below. Alternatively you can buy it direct through my web-shop using this link (you will be charged £2 through Paypal and the download link emailed directly to you).

A level art exam: student support materials for 2018 - printable infographic bookmark with advice on assessment objectives, vocabulary and annotation for KS5 students #alevelart #artteaching #artsed – www.felt-tip-pen.com

I’m also selling a bundle of eight A level Art resources on TES which you might want to check out (worksheets, infographic, posters…):


I’ve also just produced a student guide to mind-mapping – its a free download when you subscribe to the website; just click on the image below:

These are some of the ways I’ve tried to ease the workload during exam preparation – what are your tips? I’d love to know.





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  3. Will you have a 2019 version as well please?

    1. Time permitting, I’m hoping to do resources for all the 2019 exams… I’ve just finished the GCSE one.

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