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So, they are old enough, big enough, and scary enough to look after themselves, but how much support do you give your A level students with their exam project? I have a sneaking suspicion that the pressure to gain positive ALPS scores, meet targets etc. is pushing teachers to stay up late into the night, penning ever-more detailed worksheets and handouts for their lazy students! Of course, in reality, there is a balance to be struck, and students are often far from lazy – though some appear driven to produce reams of ‘work’ irrespective of the quality of relevance for following their investigation… but I digress.

My aim is always to produce supporting materials that will encourage independence, and guidance that refrains from being didactic – there is always room to break the rules at A level, I’d like to think. And it helps to ‘set the tone’ when kicking off a project if there are some well-presented materials to lend an air of authority to proceedings…

This year, I have put together a simple 4 page booklet with reminders, a timeline, assessment objectives and evaluation questions. This resource is downloadable from my TES shop here. Or you can buy it directly by clicking the image below. You will be send a download link to your Paypal email address.

A level art guide for students assessment objectives

From a personal perspective, I have aimed to save myself time by producing an A3 mind-map with clickable links on the Edexcel theme ‘environment‘. The thinking here, is that, rather than asking me for artist suggestions, students can be let loose on the internet with the clickable links at hand to select the most relevant and inspiring artists (there are over 50 grouped into sub-themes on the mind-map pdf). Also downloadable from TES, this resource can be found in all its interactive glory here.


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