AQA GCSE Art and Design 2019

Here are seven mind-maps correspond to the AQA Fine Art themes:
Texture, Natural Forms, Messages, The Elements, Working, My Surroundings, Spaces.

Each mind-map includes images and ideas linked to the theme. They can be used to introduce a range of artists to your students. The images are clickable when used on a computer, and they link to relevant pages for internet research. Alternatively, the pdf files can be printed at A3 or A4 as a handout or a display.

Click here to download all seven mind-maps for just £5. The download link will be emailed to you immediately so you can print and use them straight away! * If you have any problems at all, you can just contact me through the website and I will resolve or refund you through Paypal *

AQA GCSE Art & Design interactive artist link mind-maps

Save yourself lots of planning and research time with these engaging tried-and-tested resources which provide great ideas to support your students’ independent study on the ESA!

These resources are also available as individual mind-map PDFs from my Teachers Pay Teachers store or from my TES shop, along with lots of other useful handouts, lessons and worksheets.

More support for the externally set assignment can be found here.

Resources for improving artists research are available here.

The mind-maps from the 2017 AQA GCSE exams are available to download for free here.

Finally, good luck for the exam season & get in touch if there are other resources you’d like to see provided…