Easter egg art & maths lesson

Feeling like giving your students a bit of a treat? …or just fancy trying a new lesson out? I have put together an Easter art/maths lesson which allows the legitimate distribution of chocolate mini eggs – and so what if a few get diverted as teacher-tax?!

The lesson is built around a brilliant template for creating a three dimensional egg from a net template created by Rob Ives – paper engineer extraordinaire: www.robives.com.


The powerpoint goes through the process of making the egg shape and lid set-by-step and highlights links to the symbolism of eggs in art, and the mathematics of making the shape from a net. Students can decorate their boxes before sticking them together and then filling them with whatever they choose… possibly chocolate mini eggs??!

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 20.23.44

A lovely way to end the term and a flexible lesson which you can adapt to suit your own theme/project ideas. Best suited to students aged 11+ or those who are confident with fiddly cutting out and sticking.

The lesson is available through TES resources or Teachers pay Teachers. Enjoy!


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