Five websites every art teacher needs

With the Art exam season now in full swing, I thought I’d dedicate this post to five fantastic websites providing excellent exam support resources.

These are some of my favourite online exam resources for art students and teachers:

  • Tate Exam Help – this resource covers only some of the current exam themes, but the ones that are on there are covered really well. It’s great to find a site with commentary linking the artists’ ideas to the theme and to one another, and I love that it introduces me to artists and works I didn’t already know.
  • art2day – a fantastic resource for finding fine artists and photographers to inspire students or link the their individual projects. There are sections focused on different media which you can browse through, or there is a search function (though you have to donate to the site to gain access to this). The A level exam theme will also be featured on the website from 2nd February.
  • Student Art Guide – brilliant for exemplar sketchbooks to inspire students and help demonstrate teachers’ expectations.
  • PhotoPedagogy – aside from excellent resources for photography teachers, this site also features some great photography student sketchbooks with accompanying notes.
  • The Art Story – this website focuses on modern and contemporary artists and has a great, clear layout making it easy to use. This is the best example I have found of presenting key information about an artist alongside analysis of their work and context. The writing style and ideas are accessible too, so students can get high quality information on the 319 artists currently featured.

And of course there are the resources on felt-tip-pen aimed at helping teachers support their students which I also think are pretty good! Here are a couple:

  • A level exam booklet – a four page printable to give a bit of structure and some key reminders to students of what is needed for a great exam project.
  • GCSE exam preparation – a blog post about making sure students make the most of the period leading up the exam, to (hopefully) eradicate the problem of students turning up on exam day with no ideas or a completely random piece in mind.

Needless to say, this list is not exhaustive and I’d love to hear your go-to websites for support, resources or ideas!

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