Handouts to get great artist research & analysis

One simple step to improve artist research in your students sketchbooks: give them the material – text information, images and questions – they need to come up with meaningful insights and high quality responses. Easier said than done, possibly… I have long been perplexed at the lack of writing and publishing on the artists that are most inspirational to young people. There are plenty of writing frames out there, and suggested approaches to analysis, but succinct and accessible materials? Not so much…

So, I have started a bank of my own. They are time consuming and take a fair bit of thought, particularly working out practical responses that are more than just copying or pastiche for each artist, but they have proved so useful and versatile in the classroom. I have posted an example below (click on the text below to download the ppt file) on the artist Angie Lewin who makes stunning prints inspired by plants and nature – she is a real favourite with students…


Angie Lewin analysis

So far I have also produced sheets on:

All of these are available on my Teachers Pay Teachers shop (click on the names in the list), or you can find them in my TES shop: click here.

I hope they are useful to you – perhaps for the odd cover lesson, extension task, or independent learning? Let me know what you think – I’d love suggestions for other artists… and you can find a general artist research template here.


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