Student guide to mind-mapping

At this time of year – and indeed many times of year – our thoughts turn to mind-mapping. How many mind-maps are produced, do you think, in the course of a young person’s school career? Lots, I suspect, and it is often taken as a given that we (students and teachers) know what we’re talking about when the instructions is given; do a mind-map on… natural forms/journeys/self-portraits etc…

Recently, I’ve felt the need to get a little more specific about this and produced some guidance – aimed at students – on how to produce a mind-map. Presented as a mind-map (naturally!) it is intended to be something that students might have to hand whilst working on this task, and refer to as they progress. The PDF download is printable at A3 or A4, so could be used as a poster or handout for the class. Also provided are some student examples for discussion and inspiration.

It’s a free resource available exclusively when you subscribe at felt-tip-pen. So click on the image below to sign-up and get yours – I’d love to know how you use it and see some resulting mind-maps!

You can also check out some of the mind-maps I have produced for exam themes at the links below:


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