A simple and easy way to improve all your teaching resources

I started using Canva less than a year ago, and now I cannot imagine life without it! This online graphic design programme is free and is totally easy to use.

Canva is intuitive to use so doesn’t take time to learn, and it includes loads (and I mean loads!) of free templates, illustrations and photos which help the resources you are producing look professional. I chose to use Canva to produce resources, mainly because I was starting to share my resources with other teachers and wanted them to look good. But the thing that has surprised me is how students seem to pay more attention to these resources because they appear more authoritative to them!

The ‘create a design’ dashboard in Canva helps you right from the outset by offering you sample layouts for different sizes and types of graphics you may want to produce. From card (for reward postcards), to posters (for classroom display) and infographics (for revision materials) to A4 (for worksheets), Canva gets you thinking like a graphic designer to get your information across more clearly. Here are a couple of examples form my Canva adventures:

So, below is a quick infographic reminder of how and why to give Canva a go for your own teaching resources. And Slowchathealth education blog has an interesting post on how they have used Canva to produce teaching materials you might want to check out.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on!