Drawing ideas to boost confidence and creativity

There are lots of approaches and techniques to teach drawing which boost confidence and creativity. Often, though, I find I am racking my brain in come up with the best approach to any given student or situation. So I decided to pull together the drawing ideas that I use most frequently… And here it is (ta-da!) my new drawing ideas poster:

Tips and tricks for boosting students confidence drawing. Varies techniques, methods and approaches to develop skills. A great poster for display or to have on hand for ideas. #teachertips #artsed #drawing

With thirteen drawing ideas explained, there should be an appropriate one for every situation. To get a copy of the poster, you can click through to felt-tip-pen resources shop. It is also available through my TES and TpT shops.

More drawing ideas

Drawing is something I find myself thinking about a lot.

As you can see (links below) I have blog posts and resources focused on drawing which you can explore here:

Books on drawing

I also have some great books on the subject which you might find useful and interesting. There is nothing like browsing through some inspiring art books with a cup of tea…

Drawing Techniques by Peter Jenny

This little book runs you through a series of 21 drawing techniques and takes a light and fun approach to getting people comfortable with sketching. There are lots of illustrations of the techniques described which is helpful.

Vitamin D2 by Phaidon Editors

A big, coffee table book, Vitamin D2 is the follow up to Vitamin D. These survey contemporary drawing practice and are an excellent source of inspiration particularly for A level students.

Drawn to Stitch by Gwen Hedley

A visually inspiring book looking at the use of line and drawing in textile art. Fantastic creative ideas for students interesting in sewing and embroidering in innovative ways.

Contemporary Drawing by Margaret Davidson

A great combination of instruction and advice alongside examples from practicing artists. Thorough and extensive in the types of drawing practices covered, this book has loads to revisit and try out.

Web roundup of five drawing posts for teachers

It must be time to pick up a pencil and start drawing…!

Inspiring and creative ideas to boost confidence teaching drawing. Advice, tips and tricks to support students #drawing #artsed #artteaching





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