Art & Design exam advice – week by week



This is a one-page handout designed for GCSE Art & Design students to support them in pacing themselves through the preparation period for their exam. The sheet gives week by week advice on what they should be doing in order to arrive ready at the exam day!

Students can use the sheet to support independent study and to tick off as they complete tasks. It is also a useful way of communicating the expected progress students should be making to parents.

The sheet could also be used for A level students if needed.

A quick an easy sheet to photocopy and pop in sketchbooks to get young artists off to an enthusiastic start with their exam. I have uploaded a Word version of Art & Design exam advice so you can edit it (this one is for AQA exam board and mentions in week 1 that students should choose their question) or the more ‘designed’ version which is a PDF (printable as an A3 poster).


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