Art & Design GCSE student assessment booklet


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Art student assessment booklet support to students in becoming more independent. Great for increasing students’ responsibility for their projects. 23 pages which can be photocopied into a booklet. Gives students all they need to understand the structure of the course, assessment. This is a great way of improving confidence and engagement.

The booklet is created in Powerpoint so can be easily adapted to suit your own course structure and marking. Slides can be projected onto a white board as part of class teaching.

Students record feedback into the booklet so they have their own record of what they need to do to develop. I have found that having students write this in themselves (copying from notes stapled into their sketchbooks) has really helped them to take ownership of the guidance – not just read and forget.

Teachers can use the booklet to complete interim assessment of coursework units. There are also self assessments sheets included for students.

The art student assessment booklet provides a comprehensive approach to assessment of the GCSE course. Students treat this more seriously as they can see from the outset of the course how and when they will be assessed and the impact this will have on their eventual grade.


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