Contemporary Art Christmas Tree Design & Maquette – seasonal group work



Contemporary Art Christmas Tree Design

This is a fun and unusual one-off Christmas lesson. Using contemporary artists’ designs for the Tate Gallery’s annual Christmas Tree commission as the starting point for discussion, students go on to design their own Christmas Tree maquettes in groups. At the end of the lesson, these are displayed and the class has a secret ballot to choose a winner (you may want to provide a seasonal prize…).

The lesson goes through several examples (artists include Yinka Shonibare, Micheal Landy, Bob and Roberta Smith). Also gives pointers for discussion and then provides the step-by-step guide on making the small models for each group. You do not need lots of resources: pencils, paper, tape and scissors are fine, though some colored pencils and extra colored paper etc could come in handy if available. There are two slides to photocopy from the powerpoint: the tree templates (photocopy on light card if possible) and the secret ballot papers.

This would be great for a fun end of term lesson in Art. Also relevant to PSHE or used in extended tutor time too. The presentation encourages discussion on what Christmas is about and looks at consumerism and spiritual ideas.

There is a slide with pointers on working well in a group. The opportunity could also be taken to develop debating skills or speaking publicly. Presented in Powerpoint so you can edit if needed.


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