Flowers from plastic bottles: Earth Day art lesson



A one-off lesson with full powerpoint and instructions for creating fantastic bottle flowers from waste plastic bottles. The lesson is designed with limited materials  so that it is not necessary to be in a specialist classroom:

  • scissors
  • POSCA marker pens (alternatively use coloured stickers or tape, or acrylic paint)
  • waste plastic bottles which the students bring in

The powerpoint presentation gives full context to Earth Day. Plus I’ve included the environmental background to reducing plastic waste, and a quick quiz and link to a video.

A template for designing is included as well as 2 slides of source material to inspire students. In addition there is an extension task for any early-finishers and a differentiated version of the written plenary.

A great lesson which students really enjoy, with an important message. A bonus is that the resulting ‘bottle blooms’ make a brilliant display!


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