Iznik Relief Clay Tiles scheme of work



Iznik Relief Clay Tiles Turkish Tulip scheme of work

This unit of work was designed for KS3 and includes background information on tulips as a Turkish cultural symbol.

The project develops through:

  • drawing and painting lessons
  • on to design
  • and then collage work
  • leading to the final lessons building a relief tile in clay
  • and then glazing

Each lesson has a powerpoint presentation and there are accompanying worksheets, starters and extension tasks as necessary.

In all, the unit covers 8 lessons including a final one on evaluation.

The pace of this project is fairly speedy, and you could extend it to cover more lessons. Alternatively, you could shorted it by skipping a stage.

Use real tulips to draw from in Initial primary observation lessons, or you could adapt and work from secondary imagery.

The lessons feature elements on design, pattern and symmetry.

This project has been really successful in providing for a range of skills. And students have produced results that they are very proud of!

Note: there is a great free ppt by the Victoria and Albert Museum on ‘Floral patterns in Islamic Art & Design: textiles, metalwork and ceramics’. It is available here and would work well with this project.


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