LGBT history month artist research lesson



A two-lesson mini scheme to celebrate LGBT history month. A research lesson on one of 10 artists, followed by a lesson to present and give feedback.

The structure of the lesson is quite straight forward. All resources are provided – ppt to go through the lesson tasks and handout sheets on the 10 artists. Computers will be needed and a projector/interactive whiteboard for the student presentations back to the class. Students work in groups of about 3 for this activity.

You can adapt the timings to suit the length of your lessons. And the project could be extended to involve students making their own practical response to their artist.

Students learn about a rich variety of LGBT artists through the research and presentations, as well as developing artist research and group work skills.

This is a lesson that puts the emphasis on the students: researching, presenting and then giving peer feedback.

Use the handouts as posters for classroom display too. The lesson bundle also includes an interactive pdf with weblinks for internet research on artists which can be shared with the class digitally or printed as a poster/handout.

Artists include: Frida Kahlo, David Hockney, Cy Twombly, Marlow Moss, Hannah Hoch, Isaac Julian, Elsworth Kelly, Andy Warhol, Anya Gallacio and Keith Haring.


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