Yoko Ono artist research and analysis worksheet



This is a three-page resource on Yoko Ono. You can photocopy back to back and laminate for repeated use. There are three tasks responding to the conceptual artists work, plus information on Wabi Sabi and Kintsugi traditions. In addition there are suggestions for further research on the the theme of mending. Suggested artists are Celia Pym, Jan Vormann’s street art project ‘Dispatchwork’ and Ai Weiwei.

Can be used as a cover lesson during a relevant project (contemporary art, conceptual art, Japanese art, performance art…). Also as an extension activity, or as a whole class task. Students are asked to read the information about the artist then answer questions, then show their understanding by first responding to instruction pieces, then coming up with their own instruction piece. Finally inspired by Mend Piece, students are asked to tear up and then creatively mend an A4 piece of paper.

A great lesson for introducing conceptual art ideas and for provoking discussion.



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