‘How to do Artist Research’: new worksheet

I’ve created a straightforward guide to Artist Research aimed at KS4 students. It provides a clear template for presenting investigations into other artists work in an appropriate way, and to a high standard.

Using this worksheet frequently will get students in the habit of presenting excellent artist research. And you can use the handout at KS3 and KS5, depending on the ability of your groups.

On the first page of the worksheet, students fill-in the information they find from various sources. In addition to the boxes to complete, there are prompts to encourage relevant responses. The second page gives 20 questions to prompt thoughtful analysis.

Art teaching resources to support high quality artist research

I’ve avoided generic questions that tend to produce banal answers. Instead the second page of the worksheet provides thought provoking questions. For example:
“What is the most important thing about the artwork? Why do you think this?”
How big is the artwork? Does this effect the impact of the work on the viewer? How?”
“Is there anything strange or shocking?”
This resource is available through TES (click here) or TpT (click here), or you can download by clicking the image above, or visiting my resources shop.

I have plenty more resources available to download which support artist research:
poster to widen and improve vocabulary
artist research poster to display
bookmark infographic with artist research steps

In addition, you may also be interested in my worksheets on various artists. These provide information as well as written and practical activities in response to their work; more about them here. They make great handouts for cover work, extension activities, whole class or homework…

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