The handouts you need to get the art exam prep right

Art and Design GCSE preparation handout poster

Exam season can be a stressful time for art teachers (to say the least!). So it is a good idea to get ready and hit the ground running. I’ve put a bit of time into preparing some new GCSE art exam preparation handouts that will support students to work independently and understand what they need to do. So here they are!

GCSE art project checklist

The first is a GCSE Art and Design project checklist. I’ve written it for interim self-assessments, so students can RAG (red, amber, green) code each of the questions about their project. By working through the questions, students see clearly what they still need to do. The second page of the handout reminds students of the Assessment Objectives and asks students to identify strengths and weaknesses.

You can download this GCSE art exam preparation sheet directly for £2.50 by clicking the above image. Alternatively, it is available through my TpT store or TES shop.

Artist research planning handout

By helping students to understand what is expected of them, my aim is always to have more independent learners. Another resource that sets expectations out clearly is this artist research template.

GCSE art and design preparation handout

As well as setting out the areas to cover in an artist research page, the handout provides thought provoking questions. Again, the resource is downloadable for £2.50 by clicking the image above. Or it can be purchased through TpT or TES.

Read more on artist research here.

Final piece poster

Finally, I created a poster about the key factors needed for a great final piece. It’s printable at A3 to display on the classroom wall. You can download it for free by clicking the image below:

For more helpful handouts to generate excellent quality work from your art students, you can checkout my post on the subject from last year here. There are also a number of classroom-ready printable handouts in my resources shop here.

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