LGBT history month is

Do you mark LGBT history month in your school? It is great that this national initiative is so well established now, but it is true that it can be difficult to fit it into a packed curriculum. However, the impact of celebrating LGBT history cannot be underestimated. I find it exciting how much things have moved on in this area since I started teaching, many moons ago. To celebrate LGBT history month I have created art resources which can be easily integrated into your teaching.

February is UK LGBT history month, and it is a great time to consider your teaching in relation to the role models we place in front of our students. In art, it is always a challenge to ensure the diet of artists we promote is wider than the traditional cannon.



Art lesson resources

I have created a set of 10 posters on the following LGBT artists. You can use them for display as well as the basis for a research lesson:

…all great artists to have gracing your classroom walls at any time of the year!

Used with this lesson presentation, these posters can be the basis of a great research lesson. Students are asked to work in groups to research one of the artists and put together a presentation. The following lesson, students present their findings and give feedback to one another.

Use this great lesson for Art, PSHE or even tutor times.

I’ve also included this pdf poster with clickable links to guide their internet searches and direct students to the most useful websites.

websites for artist research

Purchase the resource bundle which includes printable posters, lesson presentation and the ‘Art & Design websites handout’, by clicking through to the felt-tip-pen resources shop here.

LGBT history month art teaching resources

More LGBT history art resources

If you want to an even more broad range of artists to introduce in your lessons, these two online articles are useful:
* The Art Story: LGBT+ ARTISTS
* Huffington Post: 30 LGBT Artists You Should Know

I also have artist study worksheets on LGBT artists Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keeffe which you can find here.

Finally, when getting students to write about art, it is always useful to have this poster on vocabulary on hand to prompt and inspire!

vocabulary poster display printable art teaching

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  1. […] I also have a bundle of 10 printable posters celebrating artists for LGBT History Month here. […]

  2. […] I also have a bundle of 10 printable posters celebrating artists for LGBT History Month here. […]

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