Art history Easter egg hunt

art history Easter egg hunt

The best thing about Easter? Easter egg hunts of course! – well, in my humble opinion. So, this year whilst social distancing is in place, I have come up with a viable and pleasingly art-based alternative. I give you… the art history Easter egg hunt!

A game for two players, simply download and print. Cut along the dotted line and each take a picture of the painting. Next mark where you choose to ‘hide’ your egg. Then take turns asking questions to find where it is hidden. Easy and fun!

You can even play on-screen if you don’t have access to a printer. Plus, you can partner with someone over the phone to do this Easter egg hunt – perfect when you are self-isolating!

Art history Easter egg hunt printable sheets are downloadable for free by clicking on the images. I have found these such a good way of looking really closely at an image. And in addition, helps to widen knowledge of different artists and styles. I’ll add a few more here over the next few days in the run up to Easter if you want to play again!

Feel inspired by this Kandinsky painting? You might also be interested in a artist study resource I have put together on the artist. You can take a look here.

Kandinsky artist study resource worksheet landscape colour

This recent blog post lists lots more fun resources from across the web. It’s a round-up of artists, museums and galleries providing creative challenges and games. A great one for online art games is Tate Kids.