EVENT GCSE Art & Design theme mind-map 2020

event theme mind-map GCSE art & design esa

How will you start your class off with the EVENT GCSE Art & Design theme? I’ve used these interactive mind-maps for a few years now as a way to introduce the themes for the Art & Design GCSE externally set assignment. The idea is that they support students exploring the themes in an independent way. At the same time they provide enough structure to make the research meaningful. The video below shows how the interactive links in the PDF file work:

EVENT GCSE Art & Design

You can download the digital file to share with your students. Plus you can print as a poster or handout. Just click on to the image below to head through to my resources shop. You will receive the download link via email. Any problems at all, you can contact me through the contact page.

Edexcel GCSE mind-map Event theme

You can find other supporting materials for the exam here. Plus I have a blog post with resources for the Art & Design exam here.

Finally, other resources which also support initial investigations in into the exam themes are:
* an artist research planning template
– art & design vocabulary poster or handout
* internet research recommended sites poster

Each of these can be downloaded by clicking the images below:

GCSE art and design preparation handout