How to get the art exam preparation right…

There are a few stumbling blocks to getting the art exam preparation right which I have witnessed year after year. Students taking so long to get going that they run out of time, not enough practical exploration, too few artist links, an incoherent project with not link between sketchbook and ultimate final piece… any of this sound familiar?!

In an effort to head these calamities off at the pass, I have produced a few help-sheets which I find are a great reminder to students (there in black and white) of what I am saying to them day-in and day-out about how to manage their prep.

Of course, there are still students who choose to ignore the carefully planned project trajectory outlined for them – and sometimes these students have their own method which works out in the end – but for the vast majority, a handy checklist with clear expectations of progress is highly appreciated.

Click on the images below to download the PDFs from my TES shop:

And for this years’ exam theme Fragments, you can find an interactive mind-map plus project plan here.

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